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Meme Happy... Runaways

Over here there's a big meme of solo 'posters' of characters,(mostly comics, but not entirely), I'd guess you'd call it, all following a similar style, starting with an implicit (not on the poster) 'Always Remember...'. Someone did Molly already, so I figured I'd do the rest of the Runaways...

I started with Chase:

Even if they're not plugged in. Even if they drain the cloak. Even if they're not the best solution to the problem.

Then this morning I did a bunch of others:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

The last two are more spoilerish so I'll not post the full pics.
One for Victor (Spoilers for Run Vol 2 #1-6)

One for Alex (big spoilers for Runaways Vol 1)

Don't have an idea for Karolina yet, maybe someone else'll do her.

Edit: Because I hate leaving things unfinished, here's Karolina:

And this was part of a request by irish_star, Gert's father Dale (someone else put a different one in the comments, if you're interested):

Edit: By request, some Dale Yorkes ones, and added a Karolina. :)
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