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Number 6

One Hundred Words of Horror 2009

Almost forgot. I've done this the last couple years now, and a couple people have participated. But, what the heck. We're about 2 weeks from Halloween. This is either a meme, if people are interested and want to take it up, or just something I plan on doing personally if not:

In the spirit of upcoming Halloween, and as sort of a last minute whet-the-appetite for Nano, I present "One Hundred Words of Horror for Halloween". Nano's about writing big, this is about writing small.

The rules:
1. Write short horror stories, and post them on Halloween.
2. Each story must be exactly 100 words. No more, no less (you can choose to count arguable symbols important to the story either as words or not as you wish). This amount does not include the title.
3. The stories must be in some way horror-related. This doesn't necessarily mean they have to be scary - you can deal with horror themes in a humorous way - but it's Halloween, so these should be in a Halloween spirit.
4. Post as many stories as you like.
5. (Optional) Respond to other people's stories with candy!

Don't really know if I'll do more than one since I'm in a bit of a low ebb creativity wise, but I'll try.
Tags: halloween, writing
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